What is the Purpose of a Real Estate Residential Inspection?

Buying a home can be stressful, especially if it’s your first home. Hiring your home inspector is a very important part of the home buying process. You want a home inspector that is unbiased, experienced, and pays attention to detail without killing the deal over nonsense.  AAA Inspection Group, gives viable solutions. Every home will have issues, that’s to be expected, AAA Inspection Group, finds the major issues and the not so major issues. The not so major issues most of the time can be repaired or replaced by warranty service companies in the near future, or the seller may agree to fix or give the buyer a credit prior to close of escrow. The major items or health and safety issues may need to be addressed before the close of escrow.  Especially if the issues are Health and Safety, major roof, structural, electrical or plumbing.


At AAA Inspection Group, LLC, we only employ certified home inspectors. Believe it or not, the Great State of California, certification is not a requirement to perform inspections. But we are committed to providing you a service you can count on. We adhere to a comprehensive Residential Standards of Practice recommended by both ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). We’ll give you the information you need to purchase your property with confidence or maintain your current property with peace of mind. This means that we’ll inspect the visible and accessible structure, systems and components of the home, inside and out, from the foundation to the roof, using the latest tools and technology. We will inspect all of the following, when visible and accessible:

  • Roof 
  • Structural Components
  • Attic, Ventilation & Insulation
  • Exterior of the home
  • Porch & Deck
  • Attached and Detached Garage, used as a garage with no bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms/office
  • Driveway
  • Foundation
  • Basement/Crawlspace
  • Plumbing System
  • HVAC System
  • Electrical System
  • Interior, including: Built-In Appliances, Ceilings, Floors & Walls, Windows/Glazing, Doors

Following an evaluation, the findings will be compiled in an easy to-read report, which will include detailed descriptions and high-resolution digital photos, embedded videos of any issues discovered. You will be emailed the link to view and download your report the same day, and your inspectors job isn’t finished until you understand everything in the report. AAA Inspection Group has chosen HomeGauge software, which allows both the client and realtor (with permission) access to your report online. This eliminates the need to download large files and provides for viewing anywhere, anytime.

Our clients are encouraged to attend the inspection. This affords the opportunity to discuss the findings in person and answer any questions you may have. This also gives the client an opportunity to get to know your new house or better understand the condition of your current house.

Are you selling your home?

A common misconception is that a General Home Inspection (GHI) is only needed when a home buyer is ready to purchase his/her dream home. Are you thinking about listing your home in the near future? As a seller, why not be proactive and let AAA Inspection Group help determine what concerns might pop-up that could keep you from closing on the deal? AAA Inspection Group can provide an unbiased critique of your home. We do not provide any repair services or recommend contractors to complete the work, so you can rest assured that we are solely working for you. Performing this pre-sale inspection will give a realistic list of repairs needed, may uncover potentially dangerous safety concerns, assists in determining a fair listing price and provide the buyer added comfort in the condition of the property.

How Long Will It Take?

AAA Inspection Group, prefers not to put a timeframe on the inspection. Every inspection is different with condition, and age of the property. Great rule of thumb is: One hour for every one thousand square feet. This of course the property has normal wear and tear.

Why Choose AAA Inspection Group Over Others?

  • We are Bonded and Insured
  • We achieve or surpass required Certification Requirements
  • We embed video in our inspection report.
  • Inspectors wear 1080 HD video glasses not to miss any issues
  • We have Flat Rates
  • Realtors Automatically Create Repair Request List. One Click Save Time (New Service!)
  • Extended Advice: Personalized consultation as needed before and after your inspection
  • Computerized color coded report complete with photos, videos, sound for items videos & photos can’t show.
  • Full Utility Connect (OneSource will have all utilities turned on at no extra cost)
  • Available (7) Days



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