Mold and Microbial Testing Services

AAA Inspection Group specializes in microbial investigations. Our goal is to assist their clients in evaluating the cause and extent of loss in complex situations. Complex projects may include situations which involve several potential causative events, require creative remediation design, involve immune compromised individuals, and/or may involve multiple environmental issues.

AAA Inspection Groups focus of service in the microbial issue is on understanding the needs and goals of their clients. Effective decisions are then developed balancing the client’s goals and advising them with respect to compliance and potential mold health and/or legal related problems.

Microbial Investigations

While it is possible to visibly see mold on a surface or smell mold in the air, it is not possible to know if those mold spores have become airborne. Just because you are seeing or smelling the mold does not indicate the spores have become airborne. When molds become aerosolized (airborne) the issue becomes much greater because there are then potential personal injury implications as well as substantial contents cleaning recommendations which will need to be followed to remediate the structure.

mold-starter-kit-detailA visual inspection is an important first step in any microbial investigation. Unfortunately, molds thrive in environments where there is a lack of ventilation such as in wall cavities, sub floors, beneath wall and floor coverings, behind vapor barriers, and above ceiling tiles. Therefore, when microbial growth is suspected it is critical to investigate all area thoroughly for potential moisture impact.

AAA Inspection Group performs microbial investigations which consist of spore trap Air-O-Cell sampling in potentially impacted or high risk areas as well as outdoor samples, which will be used as a baseline comparison. Once the information is compiled, results are documented in reports detailing building description, mold locations, as well as condition. Sample and material locations maps, correct action cost estimates, and photographs are frequently included.

AAA Inspection Group will make recommendations as to how to best handle a mold issue based on cost, client goals, future renovation or demolition plans, if any, and the condition and location of contaminated materials.

Microbial Project Design

When plans call for remediation AAA will develop specifications for the remediation which will include the following:

  • Develop a remediation plan detailing the method, scope, time, and controls to be used.
  • Inform all parties impacted and determine if they need to be relocated.
  • Impacted items that need to be removed under negative pressure containment and in such a manner that does not contaminate the clean area.
  • All items/materials that can be cleaned should be itemized along with the cleaning method.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system needs to be evaluated for impact.

Upon project completion, visual acceptance and clearance sampling should be performed to ensure areas are safe for re-occupancy

All project design specifications will also specify designated work periods, housekeeping requirements, security issues, insurance requirements, etc. Drawings of areas to be affected may also be included.



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